Help please! No idea where to start

I'm not sure where to start, please help.
Implement a program that:
Get the following from the user (no prompts):
first name,
last name,
birth year,
and height (in feet and inches; e.g., 5'10").
Note: You will need to get feet and inches for height separately.
To help you remember what to input, use prompts while you are developing. Then when ready to submit, do not output the prompts, just read in the values.
approximates the user’s age as their birth year subtracted from the current year (2017).
calculates his/her height in centimeters
Note: 1 inch is 2.54 centimeters; moreover, there are 12 inches in one foot.
computes her/his average annual growth per year in centimeters, under the assumption that one’s height at birth is 51 cm.
Your implementation should be written such that it is easily readable by other programmers. Use comments where appropriate and use appropriate variable identifiers.
Example Program Run
As stated above, your application will not provide any input prompts to the user.
The input is expected the exact order as shown below in the green text below. Note that Jon Doe is 5’10”.
Then output the results precisely as shown in the red text below.


Hello John Doe. You are 18 years old in 2017, and your height is 177.8 cm. That means that you grew an average of 7.04444 cm per year (assuming you were 51 cm at birth).

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