Is SDL good library for a text editor in C++?

I was thinking about creating a simple text editor in C++. I did some research on avaliable graphical libraries and ended up with SDL.

SDL is quite simple, yet powerful library and I already have some experience with it - simple game.

However, that's what raises my doubt. Whether it is a good choice for something like text editor. It is used mostly for games and other multimedia applications and I will be creating application for editing text files.

I don't want to use any huge widget framework like QT and on the other side I would like to keep it on a bit higher level than plain OpenGL (however, if it's the right choice, I would use it).

So my question is: Can be SDL or similiar libraries, which are mostly used for creating games used for writing a graphical text editor?
Sure. It has been done before, too.

Just be aware that a text editor is not as simple an application as people think, and you will be reinventing some wheels to make it work at least as well as Notepad.
I am aware of that. I plan this as my longterm hobby project.

And to other libraries? Is there anything more suitable for such a task? Or has using plain OpenGL any advantages?

are you aware of any demos for SDL and GUI apps?

I have written Notepad clones in MFC, Win API, Delphi, C++Builder, C++ / CLR, C#, VB.NET - though normally without printing - and the easiest was .NET. Also Delphi and C++Builder are quite easy and high level, MFC is a bit more comlicated and Win API is the most difficult.

If you are interested in .NET have a look at my template:
I am looking for something where I can customize the elements however I want, so I think my only possibility is writing graphical side on some general graphics library.

I would like my code to be either multiplatform or targeted on Linux, so .NET isn't the direction I would be considering. Thanks for the tips thought.
Alas, it has been a long while since I have messed with SDL anything...
Never mind, just war curious.
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