Menu driven program?

Can anyone help further explain a menu-driven program?

I have some homework that is due today and I honestly do not understand what the instructions mean when it says menu-driven.

The instructions:

The cost to become a member of a fitness center is as follows:

the senior citizens discount is 30%;
if the membership is bought and paid for 12 or more months, the discount is 15%;
if more than five personal training sessions are bought and paid for, the discount on each session is 20%.
Write a menu-driven program that determines the cost of a new membership. Your program must contain a function that displays the general information about the fitness center and its charges, a function to get all the necessary information to determine the membership cost, and a function to determine the membership cost. Use appropriate parameters to pass information in and out of a function. (Do not use any global variables.)

As you complete the steps above, you can use the Test button to check if the lab tests are passing. Once you are satisfied with the results, use the Grade button to save your score.

any help with this will be greatly apreciated
Maybe sth. like that.

Main menu

1 - General information

2 - Get membership cost

3 - Exit
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