Concepts online implementation

Have C++ concepts been implemented by any online compilers?

If so, which one(s) and where can I find syntax details?

The syntax will obviously be the same as with normal C++.

EDIT: I'm sorry, the answer below is far better. I didn't realise what you meant with C++ 'concepts'
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As noted in , The C++ concepts currently exists in two forms: the Technical Speciifcation, published by ISO in 2015, and the draft C++20 language standard.

The Technical Specification's concepts were implemented in gcc as of 6.1, but require commandline option -fconcepts. So, any online compiler that has (non-obsolete) gcc and permits custom commandline parameters will do. Coliru (, Wandbox (, Godbolt (, take your pick.

The C++20 concepts are not yet available, but keep an eye on Wandbox and Godbolt, they have current trunk developement versions of both gcc and clang.
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