I have been stuck on this project for a week and I need a program written for it by tomorrow night.

The objective of this project is to determine the appropriate decision statements necessary to calculate a monthly cell phone bill.
1. Ask the user for:
a. Number of phones
b. Data plan chosen from a menu
c. Extra data (used above allowance)
2. Calculate the phone bill with the following:
a. Each phone is $20
b. Data plan charge (use menu)
i. 1GB - $20
ii. 3GB - $45
iii. 6GB - $60
c. Extra data usage
i. $15 for first GB, $10 for additional GB
ii. GB will be rounded up. For example, 0.8GB will be charged for 1GB; 1.2 will be charged for 2 GB
1. C++ provides a function called ceil that will round up a decimal value to the next integer. An example of how to use this function:
double extra1, extra2;
int extraGB1, extraGB2;
extra1 = 0.8;
extraGB1 = ceil(extra1);
extra2 = 1.2;
extraGB2 = ceil(extra2);
d. Taxes and surcharge should be applied to the data charge plus phone charge plus extra data charge as .1025 (10.25%).
3. Display should include title, phone charge, data charge, extra data charge ($0.00 if no extra data), taxes and surcharge.
a. All values should be formatted with $, 2 places after the decimal point, and lined up along the decimal point. The easiest way is to use sets for all the values that display.
I have been stuck on this project for a week ...

so at least show us some code/pseudo-code that you've come up with during that time instead of just posting your question outright
when I had done it I got only to the part where I wanted to add the gb amount and it kept giving me errors , ending in deleting the program
then try and recall and jot down the pseudo-code, otherwise it just seems like you're trying to get someone to do your h/work for you
enter number of phone lines - 4
cist of phone - $20
$15 for first gb
each additional gb is $10 , gb gets rounded up

taxes and surcharge .1025

outcome for each gb should be formatted with $, 2 places after decimal point
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