Cross Platform Mobile Development C++?

Hello I been trying to get started with mobile development.
But having some issues with finding a good cross platform SDK.

Well I did find this one from Microsoft.
But have yet to figure out how you do UI with this.

I was hoping that someone here have any tips to get started?
Requirements are Cross Platform Android\ iOS\ Maybe even WP.
That its C\C++ and that I have a option for UI development.

If the UI is done in C++ or HTML that is fine but I prefer not to have create the UI for all platforms, separately or in a different language.


PS: Sorry if this is not in the correct category no mobile subforum exists.
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You stick to the C++ standard. However, this way you do not reach far because most interesting things like memory-mapped files or network servers are not included in the standard. So, if you cannot stick to the standard, you use cross-platform libraries like Boost.

Developing a cross-platform application in C++ is often harder than developing a C++ library because an application often requires a graphical user interface these days, and this is not included in the C++ standard either. In this case, using Qt is the most viable cross-platform approach as far as I have understood.

Developing a cross-platform library in C++ is not much easier either because different C++ compilers are not producing binary compatible code, even if on the same platform, and this produces problems to no end. The best approach for developing a cross-platform and reusable library in C++ is to create a pure C interface for it.

Having said this, I firmly believe that you should start developing first with Java. You can refer to help you.
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