Just asking for some advice

I am making a program (for self use) with which I can create schedules and events, just like an agenda. Maybe later I will make it calculate health stuff so I can keep track of my own health but everything step by step.

So I am able to create schedules. Which is better, to store schedules in files so that I can acces them later or to create classes? Also how could I store a given class? Like with a name and some data.

I already have done both, I first programmed the schedule class, then I realised I would need to store them so that I can acces them later. Then realised classes were now of no use, as I can just write files.

So which is better? Files, or both (maybe classes are useful later on idk)?
You have to create a file to store your data unless you want to enter it fresh every time.
Then realized classes were now of no use, as I can just write files.

You're missing the point of object oriented programming (OOP). schedules and events lend themselves nicely to be objects (classes).

One of the functions of your classes should be to write themselves to a file. Likewise, your classes should have functions to read themselves back from files.
Ah right, I get it, Im gonna do It now, thank you people! :D
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