Code::Blocks Installation Error

Hi All!

On installation of Code::Blocks 16:01 and trying to create a project, I am getting an error "Couldn't save project <invalid path> (Maybe the file is write-protected?) box appearing.

After a quick Google a site informed me this would be that the "MinGW" folder would be missing. It isn't. It's there. So what's the issue here? is it write-protected?

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Hi again!

Can no-one help here.

I will try and install Code:Blocks again later as I've had to re-install Windows 10 so will have to try again.

Hopefully won't have the same issue but if anyone could help with this issue anyway it'd be gratefully appreciated.

Recent versions of Windows tend to limit which directories are writable so you need to insure you place your project into a folder you have write permissions.

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