Tenzi C++

I don't even know where to start. I made a sort of pseudocode:

Create a C++ program to play the game Tenzi. There will be two modes of Tenzi to play, Tenzi and Fun Tenzi. The user will have a choice betwenn these two games (menu).

Tenzi starts by the two players (user vs computer) rolling their ten dice at the same time, they then diecide a number to go for. Each player can choose their own.

The goal is to keep rolling the dice until they are all the same. The first player to get all 10 wins.
A player can choose to pick a different number if they want to mid-game. So, if the user started off with number 4 but decided three rolls in to go with 5, that is acceptable.

Fun Tenzi is when both players decide on a number before rolling and the program rolls until a player wins.

There must be a defined struct with the elements for tenzi, arrays for the dice, a random num gen for the dice, the program should be split into properly formed functions that account for no duplicated code and are called and return values appropriately.

Each round of rolls should display all of the user's dice values, the user's target number, and a prompt for the next action to take (rool, change number, or quit). When the game ends, regardless of mode, display all the user dice values and the computer's as well (say who won), and ask player if they want to play again or quit The computer should be making sound judgment (if there are five 4's on the first roll, they should pick the five 4's) after each roll.

The program should also save a win/loss log in an external file named gameLog.txt (append 'computer wins' or 'user wins' to the file)
Can you show us your pseudocode?
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