How to execute the whole code in windows platform ?

I am giving the repository link to look at the code because it is long code, the objective is written in the code, for educational purpose to corrupt Windows user if committing criminal activity.

In Windows by using IDE e.g. Visual C++ / Dev C++, after compiling and getting .exe file then opening .exe would work ?

Any help or suggestion is pretty much appreciated.  
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What prevents you from testing it?
something got lost in the translation here, as a windows user in the middle of a crime is probably already corrupt.

That aside, yes, just compile and run the code, size matters not. You may need to make a project for it and get it set up to be able to compile it. That may be rather involved if it is large.
Thanks a lot for all the replies.

@coder777 (6673)

What prevents you from testing it?

- Nothing is preventing, actually I am a Linux user, so didn't install Windows to test it, but at some point I am willing to do that just asked this question to make sure everything is alright to run, thank you though.

@jonnin (1665)

My translation could have obscure meaning, sorry for that, but after all the explanation is appreciated, thanks.
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