Online C++ Compiler with WinAPI?

Does any know an online compiler that support WinAPI?

I'm trying to make a basic GUI. WinAPI seems to be good for simplicity on Windows programs. I'm on a Chromebook which has an Enterprise lock on it so I can't install Linux or any extensions. That's why I pretty much have to use an online compiler. I have a Windows 8.1 computer but I don't have access to it at school, which is where I'm at all day and have time to do these things.

Extra Question: Does Visual Studio include windows.h?

windows.h is a VS header, yes. It wraps the most commonly used GUI stuff into one header for easy use. Or it did, I have been off windows for a few years now.

Online compilers are almost exclusively pure C++ without libraries for simple student type programs. remember the executable is run remotely in a VM of some sort and 1 the vm is probably unix based and 2 the vm can't spawn local windows on your machine and browsers don't support the same gui elements that windows does. Its ... unpossible to do this safely and people being people, doing it unsafely is not seen on public sites.

You should be able to install like cygwin or something on a USB stick and use the g++ compiler in that. I dunno if you can cram a full working visual studio install onto a usb stick, but I know you can do something like the cygwin solution. Visual likes to be 'installed' for whatever unholy reason, and whatever that even means. It likes to fiddle with the registry and stuff like that which is not necessary but M$ loves to make things need it...

and if your home machine is online you can set it up so you can access it remotely. That takes some effort, but you can certainly DO it. Its a pain to do things over a remote desktop, but its better than not doing them at all...

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If you can't install anything on that Chromebook then there's no solution. Even to log in remotely to your home computer (well, to do it securely) you would need to install something.
It doesn't matter if Visual Studio can be ran from a USB stick or not, because Chrome OS can't run it either way.
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