Game Idea, recommendations

Hey people!

So I've had an idea for a game for a while now, while I'm learning C++. I think I can get
around with pretty much the “basics” of object oriented programming so far. As far as
game programming goes I have no experience what so ever.

The game I want to make would be:
- 2D isometric (with a ~45° tilt of the camera)
- Turned Based RPG
- The movement in the game would be much inspired by that of the MMORPG
DOFUS if you know about it. In short no keyboard input, the character's
actions are controlled by an interface and it's movements are only from square
to square during combat sequences, and simply by a click of the mouse to navigate
the world.
- As far as I know there would be no physics involved since all the character's
actions being interface based, there would be animations.

I know that a frequently asked question about game programming is “which engine should
I use?” But I've noticed people reporting that it's pretty much down to personal preferences.

So here is my question(s):
_Do you have any recommendations?
_Is there any skill I need to acquire before getting myself into a project like this? If so which
_Is there any resource I should be aware of, that would help me (tutorials, books, etc.)?
_If this forum is not the place for such question, I apologise, please guide me to the
appropriate place for that.

In advance, thanks to any suggestion, advice, anything!
Pick a toolkit that does you some favours in terms of creating windows and drawing on them. SDL2 is popular. SFML has a following. There are many more.

Watch the first dozen or so of Casey Muratori's "Handmade Hero" videos. Even if you don't work as low level as he likes to, the wealth of knowledge and understanding the first dozen or so videos impart to someone with no experience is huge.

Thank you for the suggestions, I knew about SDL2 but I didn't really consider SFML which, after a quick research has a couple interesting and in depth tutorials available so I'll be looking into that.

Also This "Handmade Hero" looks very interesting I will for sure have a look at it!

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