getaddrinfo_a Windows equivalence

Hi everyone!

I have to implement a client socket connection application. This application receives only one parameter : the maximum timeout for connect/read operations. I was using gethostbyname, but this function is not reentrant in Linux and the application is expected to be run in a multi thread environment.

Then I read gethostbyname is obsolete and I have to use getaddrinfo, but this call might block for an unspecified amount of time, and I can't tell getaddrinfo to stay blocked for a specific timeout. Then I found getaddrinfo_a, which can accept a timeout...

But is there a getaddrinfo_a equivalence in Windows?

If there is not, I can stick with gethostbyname only in Windows... But the documentation about gethostbyname does not say anything about reentrancy..

Any suggestions??

Thanks a lot!!
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