Trouble following the article on how to develop an OS with C++

Hello! So, I am following this article:

I find myself troubled in the "how to compile it" section. It says to run the following commands:

nasm -f elf boot.asm -o boot.o
g++ -c kernel.cpp -o kernel.o -ffreestandinng -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti
gcc loader.o kernel.o -T linker.ld -o kern -nostdlib -nodefaultlibs -lgcc

The first problem is that the "-ffreestandinng" parameter doesn't seem to exist. Also, the loader.o file is not explained where we actually get it from. I thought that maybe he meant the bootloader, but if that is the case how we get this ".o" file?

Thank you very much !
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Looks like a spelling error.


You are right! It is a typo .. Now it works ... the only thing I need to find now is what is this "loader.o" fellow.
I expect it's just straight up missing. You might do better over here:
Hahahaha the cross-compiler part itself its impossible to make it through without getting a cancer or two in the process. Thank you very much both for your hlep anyway !
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