ASCII-based Text RPG

I have finished Act I in my new ASCII-based Text RPG. To attack there is a bar in which when you press space it tells you if you had Hit, Crit, or Missed, Green is hit, red is crit, and white is missed.
Tell me how you guys think :)

Download Link
I'll download the source code, But NOT an executable that I am unfamiliar with. Let me compile on my own, and I can give you an honest assessment.
Whats the easiest way to put a visual studio file for download?

If you have dropbox, you could paste a link to the file in a comment you write, here. If the file is less than 8192 letters, you could paste it here also, making sure to use the <> symbol on the right before pasting. It's for formatting the source so it's more readable. After inserting the source, highlight it and click the <> symbol on the right under Format:. If the file is longer, you could put the code in two or three of these thread boxes. Take your pick on which one you like to do.

Looking forward to seeing the program run.
The link is

Still working on it going to add more features soon@

I downloaded the source code, but was unable to compile it. I' probably using a different compiler than you, and mine doesn't understand some of the commands. Anyway, since I did examine your code, I downloaded the game file.

Suggestion: At the start, explain how to play. I had no idea that I was to press the space bar to stop the upward movement of the attack bar. I also didn't know about appointing skill points.

When I finally learned about them, I was able to win battles. After getting to level 3, the program seemed to stop playing. I was asked to press 'Enter', but nothing happened. Not sure if I was to first enter a '99' to continue or not. Will check that later. I then edited the save file, so that I was on level 3, then loaded a saved game. I was then able to meet the wizard, and go on.

I saw sentences appear on the top of the screen, but they didn't affect the game play. Not sure if that is to change or not, or was to just to break the attack, heal or flee sequences.

Hopefully, you're going to add in things like finding weapons, potions etc.

The ASCII art-work looks great. All-in-all, the game seems like it could be quite interesting and in-depth. I'll play a bit more, and give more review statements later. Looking forward to the more enhanced versions.
Thanks, I am going to add more items etc.
The sentences you see appear on the top of the screen are meant to give more random results before you would always get a Level 1 Bear, Level 2 Hippo, Level 3 Wasp etc. I am going to add a tutorial soon and in the options, you could disable it there. Going to add what each skill point does, and until I do a final release of the game, the files will be left unencrypted.

Since you have downloaded the exe file, the player was unable to get to and talk to the wizard, I didn't fix this until the exe file was up for download. There were some things that I forgot to change before releasing the v0.1.0 file, but after talking to the wizard at level 3, you should be able to play the game no problemo.
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