Indroducing Codiva Online C++ Compiler

I am excited to launch the new Online C++ Compiler -

One of the cool features of Codiva is, it compiles continuously in the background after every few keystrokes. By the time, you stop typing, you get the results, with the error lines clearly highlighted, saving time.

ou may have to click 'Edit' to start editing. For other's project it always starts in readonly mode.

For example,
Try this project
1. Click Edit
2. You will see 2 compilation errors.
3. Try fixing the errors.
a) Insert the ';'
b) correctly define the variable 'c'

Please take a look at let us know your feedback.

gcc 4.2.1 is beyond ancient, it's downright archaic. It is over a decade old.
boost 1.54 is also very old, 8 years and 10 versions behind.
There seem to be no obvious way to link against non-header-only boost libraries
Most useful online compilers offer between 2 and 4 compilers (gcc, clang, intel, microsoft), and they are up to date (although only godbolt compiles as you type, which is indeed a neat feature)
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Thanks Cubbi.

I will update the software versions shortly and let you know.

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