Visual Studio 2017: how i add a persistence directories?

on Visual Studio 2017, for use DirectX, i must add libraries on Project Properties. the problem is when i create a new project, i lose the directories. how can i add them persistence for when i create a new project, i don't need add them again?
Are you saying the library files get deleted, or are you saying you don't want to have to tell the project which libraries to use each time you create a new project?
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i need that everytime i create a new project, the 2 directories still there... like add something on standard new project
Are you asking to extend the default include path or the actual .lib file folder? IIRC you can extend the include path but libs have to be added each time.
you can make a dummy project with the stuff in it and copy that project each time :)
can i make my own Visual C++ or C++ standard project? :)
I think so, but I don't know how. Ask google?
I have not needed to do that...
You have stumbled on something that Microsoft’s customers have had problems with: dumping too many things in the global defaults. In order to help combat the (customer-caused) problem, MS has made it significantly less obvious how to change global, persistent options.

The only kinds of global changes you should make are to do things like add boost libraries to the compiler’s search path. If you aren’t doing that, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

That is, every new project should have all its requirements specified at project creation.

To do it, open a project (any project).
In the Property Manager, expand your project’s build types.
Right click on the one you want and select “Properties”.
This opens the dialog for your global properties sheet. Update your include and libraries directories properly.
Save your solution.

Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. (MS doesn’t want to hear it if you goober things up.)
if i did wrong, i can reinstall it or maybe reset all options ;)
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