How do I change the colour of data points in a C++ generated Excel chart?

I am in the midst of creating a project in C++ where I have to display some of my results on an excel chart. I have learned how to create all the charts that I need, but there's one thing I have not been able to find out how to do?

I have created a scatter chart but I need to know how to change the colours of the scatter points. This is the part of the code that generates my scatter chart:

Excel::_ChartPtr pChart = pXL->ActiveWorkbook->Charts->Add();

pChart->ChartWizard((Excel::Range*)pTotalRange, (long)Excel::xlXYScatter, 1L, (long)Excel::xlColumns, 1L, 1L, true, "Scatter graph", col1.c_str(), col2.c_str());

To get Excel functionality, I use import commands to access the MSO.DLL / VBE6EXT.OLB / EXCEL.EXE files.

I have read around extensively and although I have seen examples of how to change colors in other languages. I have cycled through a variety of C++ commands and cannot find the corresponding command.

I would be immensely grateful for any help as to how to change the colors of data points otherwise my chart will not serve its purpose.
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