division in C++

Hello friends,

I have a small question.

why does cout << 11 % 3 << '\n'; gives 2 as an output?

I am really confused because the answer from the calculator is equal 3.6

However the compiler does not even give 3 as an answer. It gives 2. How is this possible? and why does it happens.

Thanks you in advance :)
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The % operator gives you the remainder.

 11         2
──── = 3 + ───
  3    ↑    3 
aha ok. Now it makes sense :)

Thanks a lot Peter87.
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% is the modulo operator.

/ is the division operator.

and you need floating point to see decimals.

cout << 11.0/3.0 << endl;
Remember, floating-point constants are type double by default. In Listing 3.11, the division operator represents three distinct operations: int division, float division, and double division. C++ uses the context—in this case the type of operands—to determine which operator is meant.
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