C++ Posts by a forum member

Is there a way to see list of all threads that have a post by a given forum member.

For example, there are many threads that have excellent posts (i.e. inputs/responses) by JLBorges.

I have typed JLBorges in the search box, and it gave about 10 pages of threads that have posts by JLBorges. I think JLBorges has many more posts than 10 pages.

Is there a way see a list of all the posts/links of a forum user please?
Perhaps a more experienced user knows, but I don't think that's available through the website's GUI.
I would just use Google or a similar search engine, and search:

 site:cplusplus.com "TheUserName" key words or phrases 

The follow-up question is, why would you want to see every post? Who would want to look through 55 pages of posts? I would type in their name with a few keywords to narrow your search to something you're actually interested in.
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