assembler in borland c++ 5.5


I use borland compilator c++ 5.5 under Windows 10.
When I compile programme including assembler I have error:

Warning W8002 MAIN.CPP 31: Restarting compile using assembly in function wyswietl_kursor()
Error E2133: Unable to execute command 'tasm32.exe'

I download Tasm5 from borland webpage, but I don't know where to extract files or configure compilator to use assembler in c++ code ?
The compiler should be able to understand embedded asm with some sort of keyword, usually _asm{} blocks or something much like that.
linking compiled assembly should be like linking to any other library.
that leaves trying to compile your own library from assembly, which needs tasm or something.

Lets start simple.. are you on a 32 bit or 64 bit machine?
I would think a win-10 machine would need tasm64 not tasm32.

It seems like this is really old tools. When was 5.5 released??

You also need Borland's assembler, TASM, which did not come with the compiler.

Frankly, though, you are using antique software (it says so on Embarcadero's download page) designed for 16-bit XT systems. Unless you are writing new software for a museum computer, you should immediately forget BCC 5.5 and download a modern compiler.

You can get Microsoft's latest C++ compiler (MSVC Community Edition) which supports inline assembly on x86:

Don't forget to select the following components during installation:
 • Visual Studio C++ core features
 • Windows Universal C Runtime

I think you can also do inline assembly with MinGW.

Finally, you have probably got an XY problem. It is unlikely you should have any need to mix assembly into your C or C++, even if you are writing a device driver. Perhaps a better description of your actual problem statement and we can give you useful advice.
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