Write to text file from list without using direct loop using std::list and std::algorithm c++

I have a program that reads a list of assignments and removes the "bad" assignments, then writes into a new file. My function that removes the bad assignments works correctly as well as the function that reads the text file. How can I utilize the std::list and std::algorithm library to write to an output file without using any direct loops? Below is the code I have implemented so far for the removing of the bad assignmemnts (Prune) along with reading the text file. Also below is what I am attempting to get working for the write function commented out

void Prune()
m_Assignments.remove_if([](const Assignment& assignment){ return !assignment.IsGood();});


void Read(std::istream& is)
std::string s;

std::getline(is, s);

//m_Name = s;

std::istream_iterator<Assignment> start(is);
std::istream_iterator<Assignment> stop;


void Write(std::ostream& os)

//std::list<Assignment>::iterator i = m_Assignments.begin();
//std::list<Assignment>::iterator j = m_Assignments.end();
//std::ostream_iterator<Assignment> (m_Assignments);
//std::ostream_iterator<Assignment> stop;

Thank you in advance.
"Direct loops" typically means "loops you write yourself, as opposed to loops that exist in library code".

I think you have interpreted the assignment correctly: use std::copy() with an ostream_iterator.
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