Program that reads currency exchange rate from screen

Hi, I am trying to write a little program in c++ that would write the exchange rate of a currency in an array, so that the array would contain the values of the exchange rate for every second.
Ex: something like this



I tried getting the exchange rate by scraping the web, but I need it to be updated at a very high refresh rate, and all the websites that display currency exchange rates I found were quite laggy.

I have a program (Iqoption) which i use for forex, that displays the exchange rate of currencies, and is updated at a very high rate. It would be great if I could make my c++ program read the exchange rate value from Iqoption and put it in an array second by second, maybe by reading in on the screen?

Since now I haven't found any ideas on how I could possibly do this, so I am open to any solution
What will you do with the array and when? Later, or immediately when each number arrives?
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