bead 12 Game Using C++ Code Needed

Help needed

With what?? You show NO code, NO questions. If it's a programming question, show us what you have that needs help on. If it's a question, ask it. We don't ( can't ) read minds.

I am really Sorry But i Am Just A Beginner And i Have to Design A Game But i dont know How to Start
This is how your start.

int main(){ return 0; }

This is not a simple "hello world" program, so you must have learned something in your class up to now. You need to take all those things you (were suppose to) have learned and put them into your program.

No one here is going to write your program for you. You need to make an effort, and when you get stuck, ASK QUESTIONS about what is causing you to get stuck.

Is the program not compiling? Show us your code and the error messages.

Is there a syntax construct you don't understand? Show us the line (and maybe some context around it) and ask us about what is needed.

Is the program running but not giving the results you expect? Show us your code, your expected results and what you are getting. We can help you debug it.

Telling us that you need help and showing us an image is really a non-starter.

Break down your program into small bites. Maybe start by creating a structure to represent the board and print it out. The pre-populate it with various colors and print it out again. Make sure the display is what you expect.

Then add the ability to ask the player to pick a location. Fill in the location and print out the board.

One of the last things you want to do is add the rules for playing the game. Make sure everything else works first. Then figure out what are legal and illegal moves. Remember, this is one of the last things you should work on.

So, this is my help to you. Build the program in small pieces, one at a time. And when you get stuck, come back and ask us specific questions.

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