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Did a search on here and saw another thread which led me to the the zenbook by Asus. New into programming but i broke my laptop and need to replace it. Anyways let me point out some key points of what I need and how ill use it.

I work 100% from my laptop so I spend a lot of time on it.
I like studying in the depths of the library which has a outlet.
Will buy an extra monitor for when im at home.
My current laptop has been stressing my eyes after a hour or couple hours, vision starts to get blurry and have to put on glasses.
Don't need a huge hard drive a smaller solid state is perfect. i7 would preferred. Touchscreen is nice to have but will give that up if needed for something thatll be the least stressful on my eyes. I'm often launching clusters of VMs on my laptop, so I'd not imagine working on something that has less than 24 GB of RAM (kidding about that last sentence).
Budget none really, let's set it around 1500. In reality a $500 laptop would be fine for this stuff but I want to spend more, something thatll take care of me with 0 issues whatsoever during my cs degree and possibly when i start working in that field. I spend what I feel like an abnormal amount of time studying on my laptop haha so since I'm on a lot, I don't mind spending a bit extra.
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I don't know how much space you have at home, but have you considered a cheap laptop for when you're on the move and a proper desktop at home? I bet you can get a desktop i5 and a mobile i3 for the price of a mobile i7. Forget the i7s, by the way. The desktop 8400 has awesome price-to-performance ratio.

Right now I'm using a Sandy Bridge i3 with 4 GB of RAM I bought four years ago for dirt-cheap and a Ryzen (I can't recommend it) with 16 GB. I was going to get 32, but they only had one last stick that day and RAM went up in price like crazy after new year's. The Sandy Bridge works just fine for Visual Studio, even if the build times won't knock your socks off.
If you know how to set it up securely, remoting into your desktop from outside is also a viable option if you have a fast Internet connection at home. Then your laptop can act as a thin client of sorts.
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I do have plenty of space here at the house, a pretty solid desk as well though for some reason I work 5x better alone in the library or even a coffee shop. I thought about just getting a solid desktop set up but don't see myself using it very often. Figured id get the extra monitor at the desk at the house. Maybe after time having that extra monitor at my house for my laptop will start to draw me in to working at home.
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what's the budget?
Dell i5577-5328BLK-PUS
15.6 inch
Intel Core i5-7300HQ
1TB 5400RPM
More specs here
Budget is set around 1500 can spend more.. I spend a lot of time on my laptop so why not ya ?
If budget is not a constraint, go for a mobile workstation.

For example, Thinkpad P71 with Windows 10 Pro and 32GB Memory.

also i do have a good chunk in amazon points that'll cover half the price of something like this. that thinkpad is sick. I want something just like that. the dell here seems like it'll be a little easier to move around cause of the thin-ness
Do you all think 4k is going to help out with eye strain or anything? Better for my eyesight in the long run possibly?

got it narrowed down to this bad boy right here. but seriously dont need that much power. these newer gen i5's are pretty quick. though I guess it'll be nice to have. I can try out some PC games and stuff out on it. Ive never had a laptop/computer this powerful.
No, I don't think so. If you suffer from eye strain you need to change the way you use your computer.

* With the default font settings on most OSs, a normal monitor should be at arm's length and no further.
* Ideally you should position your monitor so your eyes are horizontally aligned with the top of the screen.
* Take breaks every one in a while by focusing on a distant object for a few seconds.

Also, consider visiting an ophthalmologist to get your eyes measured. It turned out I had very mild astigmatism (my glasses have less than one diopter of cylindrical correction and no spherical correction). It made me strain when I used a computer, but it was so mild that it didn't affect any other activity. With glasses I don't have to strain at all.
Appreciate it that helios, I read your post yesterday and knocked out. i do need to take breaks. i'll start on a program and wont look away from the screen for hours at a time.

also i have the same thing, i have some astigmatism. i'll use my glasses while on the computer and boom once i look away and take off my glasses i feel like im about to go blind.
If size and portability are not major factors but limiting eyestrain is then I would consider going with a 17.3 laptop with a normal FHD (1920x1080) screen with an IPS display (4K is stupid on any size laptop - even a 24" screen at 4K is too small). Sure it's a bigger laptop but I can tell you if you work on a laptop for many hours your eyes will appreciate the larger screen. When at home go for the 24" or larger screen but if you spend hours at a time on a laptop at the library or location where you can't plug into a large monitor the larger screen will really help. I personally use an Acer Nitro Black Edition 17 (older model with i7 and GTX 960). The nice thing about these is while they have a larger screen they are still pretty lightweight as 17.3" gaming laptops go and pretty reasonably priced. I've had mine for 3 years and no complaints, but about time to replace mine when the i7 8850h models come out later this year.
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This is what I hit the order button on this morning. It's got a bigger display than my 13.3 current screen. You're right about the 4k I also learned that the 4k is going to put you at about half the battery life as well. Really appreciate the feedback tho thanks

This thing is suppose to output 4k prettt well so I think I will purchase a 4k monitor for fun tomorrow. Saw one for sale at bestbuy got 320
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Cheapest you can find that has a decent feel to it.

Then put cygwin and the GNU suite on it. Presto, a laptop just for C/C++ and web use.
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