UDK: How are the "Mappable keys" raised

Hi all
So, would anyone know how the events of the keys pressed for UDK are lifted?

We would like to be able to use a new device other than the mouse, the keyboard...: In this case the Kinect.
We have developed our API that allows the use of Kinect in C++.
We have integrated it into UDK in UnrealScript, however we would like to be able to raise an event when we detect a gesture.
So we would like to do the binding of our gestures with a UDK command and succeed in lifting our events that will execute the predefined commands.

Like what:
Bindings = (Name = "BrasEnAvant", Command = "StartFire | onrelease StopFire");
How to raise the event "BrasEnAvant"?

Thanks in advance
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