Rent-A-Car Program (Please Help)

I have been tasked to create a highly detailed Rent-A-Car program. I am struggling a far amount. If someone could help, that would be great! Here is the task;

Design a computer system for a local car rental company. They provide a range of cars for the public. The system must provide racking and useful data about each car.

Tracking of the following must be provided for all cars:
- Car registration
- Total miles driven
- Tank filling accumulation (liters)
- Number of repairs
- Tax rate
- Insurance group
- Tyre change count
- Date booked out
- Number of days booked

Calculations/statistics must include:
- Current MPG
- Number of repairs per miles
- Averages miles per user
- Averages miles per tire change

(This is supposed to be in a table (Going to use "=" to separate the tables))
Car types and options include:
All sports cars
- Soft top (True/False)
- Alloys (True/False)
- 2 seats
- Tax: £210 (static price)
- Insurance group: 16
- Petrol
- Fuel tank size: 45-65l
All 4x4 vehicles
- 4x4 off road pack (True/False)
- Towing hitch (True/False)
- 5-7 seats
- Tax: £440 (static price)
- Insurance group: 12
- Diesel
- Fuel tank size: 65-100l
All vans
- Capacity (cubic ltrs) (integer value)
- High Top (True/False)
- 2-3 seats
- Tax: £255 (static price)
- Insurance group: 11
- Diesel
- Fuel tank size: 55-75l

The system will provide the following features:
- Car data input
- Car booking
- Number of days booked
- Car statistics output on screen

You must implement the system using Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
What do you need help with? Nobody here is going to do your homework for you.

You say you are struggling. What are you struggling with? We can't help you past your hurdles if we don't know what your hurdles are.

My suggestion is to start with a small subset of the required parameters--maybe just one data member of the base class--and get that to work. Then add a derived class with 1 data member, and get that working. Once you have the bare basics down, adding the additional derived classes and members will be relatively easy.
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