Libxml2 not loading xml file greater than 2 GB

I am using libxml2 in my project. I have xml data file greater than 2GB.
Problem I am facing is its method xmlReaderForFile() not returning file pointer if file size is greater than 2GB. I even tried with parameter XML_PARSE_HUGE but no luck. Any suggestion or help will be appreciated.
this sounds like your library or compiler settings or even your hardware are set to 32 bit somewhere? Check for that.
hi jonnin,
thanks for reply
hardware and OS are 64bit. I even complied this library with x64 option.
After debugging its code. it seems that for file stats, its calling 32bit methods of OS(windows SKD) instead of x64.
There must be a way/support in Libxml2 for calling x64 methods of OS.
I agree, it has to be supported, but I don't know this one. What little xml I do in C I do by hand by seeking the tags, not really 'parsing' it so much as taking an axe to it.

I caught a red flag on 2gb = 32bit but thats all the insight I have for you :(
Someone else?

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