Help with map program

Fixing bugs in program. Will re-upload any other questions in a separate post.
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Have you considered using a Directed Acyclic Graph, then using a Shortest Path algorithm? That seems more suited to what you're doing, to me.
I have considering using that but given that the deadline for my project is approaching soon - I am not too sure if I will be able to complete it in a timely manner.
You mentioned Dijkstra's Algorithm. Well, coincidentally, that is a shortest path algorithm over a DAG.

In your example, the Airports are the nodes, the Flights are the paths and the Prices are the weights.
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I always get this stuff a little mixed up as I havent touched it since school days...
but Dijkstra's may be true shortest path (not touching every node once, just get from a to b). Do you need to visit every node once in a path? Can you visit a node more than once (this shouldnt be cheaper, but if the graph is unrealistic with the values, it can happen, eg a to b to c to b to d is cheaper than a to b to d etc).

Thanks for the help kbw. I will try to redesigning the program using Dijkstra's Algorithm after fixing the bugs in the current iteration.

Hi jonnin, the node should ideally only visit the node once in a path.
and does it need to touch each node once or not?

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