How to link Assimp statically

Hi I am working on a game engine and using Visual Studio as my IDE. I want to build Assimp statically (so I would not have to use that the my .exe file will be independent from Assimp's .dll file. I want to be able to use the latest Assimp version. I know how to set up Assimp with its .dll but I don't want the .dll, I just want the .lib file and be able to run the exe file without it giving any errors like "Assimp.dll was not found, reinstalling the program might fix it" or stuff like that. Any help would be appreciated :)
It comes with CMake definitions. So you can use CMake to generate projects for you which you can compile yourself. See:

Alternatively you may provide both: your .exe and the .dll. When they are in the same directory there should be no problem.
Thank you so much for your reply, actually I figured it out through CMake GUI, just needed some extra lib files :)
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