system("cls") problem help

//rysowanie planszy-----------------------------------------
system("CLS") // oczyszczanie ekranu
//gorna ramka
for(int i=0; i<=szerokosc ; i++/* i=i+i i+=i */)
i cant clear the screen what did i wrong?
ive included cstdlib
Maybe you're not running on Windows.
Maybe you're not writing a console program.
Windows 10 pro 64 bit sooo

this thing is called Console Apllication so you know
Looks like you're missing ; after system("CLS")
thanks love ya im just idiot
Right, so what you should have posted was your ACTUAL error message(s).

Along with your actual code - all of it.

Just snipping away at what you deem to be irrelevant and reducing the error messages to "something's wrong" isn't helpful in the least.

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