Problem in c++

who can help me ?
how to solve it ?

An enterprise that manufactures food (butter, marmalade, oil, etc.) has an amount S for the manufacture of certain products. It is known that there are products that can be manufactured, and for each product we know the cost of obtaining one kg (liter) of the product and the selling price of one kg (liter) of the product. Write a program that determines which products can be manufactured by the enterprise and in what quantity, so as to obtain a maximum amount on their sale.
IMO some details are missing. So I recommend to start here:,_Volume_I
maximum amount

Amount of what?
If you can make 1 kg of A but 100 kg of B, does the B offer "more amount"?
If you can make $1000 profit by selling all A but only $10 for selling all B, is the A "more amount"?
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