deallocate object COM


I need deallocate when iPtr = new IPtr(__uuidof(EXAMPLE)).
How to do it?

we need to see the IPtr object definition.
what I know is that anything allocated with the new operator has to be deallocated with the delete operator.
COM Objects are usually instantiated with a function call not through the new operator and any instance of an object that inherits from the IUnknown interface has to be deallocated with the Release() function not the c++ delete operator, I hope I answered your question.
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Definition is: IPtr iPtr = NULL;

that shouldn't compile then
you cannot do T *ptr = new T*;
it's either T *ptr = new T;
or T **ptr = new T*;

apart from that, RTFM to know if you need to call a special function to construct and destroy the object
if it is a kind of smart pointer
or if you are just abusing new
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