Where can I get feedback about my code

I have been always looking for a website or a community that I could join, maybe on facebook or Discord ... to help me solve my programming errors faster.

Please what am I supposed to do when I get stuck? it takes me forever to solve errors on my own. I need to find a faster way to solve the errors, so I be more efficient.

I have little experience coding, and I am learning c++, and at the moment I am programming Monopoly, and I am currently unable to resume programming due to an error, who can I reach out to for fast feedback?
There is no site where they use their magic wand and all your problems are gone...

Help people help you.

In your case: Post the offending code (with code tags, you find the symbol <> under Format:) and the full error. And it should be solved quickly.

It would also help when you ask again when something in the answer remains unclear. We are not mind reader. So we don't know what you know and what not.
As @coder777 points out, this is one of those sites.

Some here have experience going back decades.

We've all had those situations where a problem persists for days or weeks. They are also some of the most powerful learning experiences.
make as small as possible example of the problem and put it here. 4000 lines of code with a pointer malfunction is a big pain for people that did not write it. 20 lines that has the same problem is much better.

also, learning to debug code is a very big part of being a professional programmer. If you can't do that, you really can't do anything at all. I strongly advise you to get some practice in on learning to do this for yourself. Everyone needs a hand now and then, but the vast majority of your bugs you should find and fix yourself without needing help or much time.
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