Hello! I am trying to embed QuickJS into my Visual Studio 2019 project. It works fine except it cannot find the files <dirent.h>, <unistd.h>, and <sys/time.h>. I know these files are Linux specific. I really want to use this library and these issues are annoying me. Is there anyway I can build this C project without opening command prompt and using compilers other than Visual C++?
Assuming I found the correct "QuickJS" library - which I've never heard of -
you apparently need to cross-compile from a Linux host

(It doesn't seem promising to me. Maybe some hacking will be involved.)
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How would I go about doing that?
There's a version for MSVC: https://github.com/P-i-N/quickjs-msvc
Right, I will check it out. Appreciate the help :)
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