intersection of two circular lists

Hello everyone! Please help with writing a program. It's Very necessary. Write a program Intersection of two cyclic lists. Knowing that Intersection - the result contains elements that are simultaneously present in both data structures. I need in full program code. I'll be very grateful. Thanks!
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Sounds like an interesting project.
There's the simple N2 solution:
for every item i in list1
    for every item j in list2
          if (i==j) {
               append i to result
if the lists are massive, you need to make one of them easy to search so the above goes back to near O(N). Its the same approach: take item in list 1, ask if it is in list 2, you are just making that inner loop go away with a little extra effort. If its just a homework or small problem, don't need to sweat that, but hopefully you can see that its identical logic
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