Migrate C ++ application from jsoncpp to rapidjson.

I have to modify a linux C ++ application developed some time ago, which
use the jsoncpp library so that it uses rapidjson instead.

The original application has the following lines of code that make use of jsoncpp:

#include <jsoncpp/json/json.h>

Json::Reader reader;
Json::Value jval_1;


Json::Value jval_2 = jval_1["descriptor"];
long long lid_1 = jval_2["id1"].asInt64();

const Json::Value& jid_2 = jval_2["id2"];

Json::Value jmsg;
if(!reader.parse(_function1[id2], jmsg))
. . .

double dvalue = val_1["descriptor"]["tag"].asInt64();

This application compiles correctly and works right.

I need to modify the above lines of code so that they work correctly using the rapidjson library, instead of jsoncpp.

I am not aware of either of these two IDEs and would appreciate any help in this regard.

I am not aware of either of these two IDEs

ITYM "APIs", not "IDEs". HTH.


(I don't know anything about these API's either, so can't help you on that one. Is documentation not available for them?)

I have to study the operation of jsoncpp and rapidjson in two good tutorials or documentation, but I imagine that the change consists first of all in modifying the incude and then they must be simple changes. The problem is that I urgently need to make this modification and I don't have several days to learn how to use both libraries and then make the change. So I appreciate any help.
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