i am not getting desired output

this is part of my program, can anyone tell me what went wrong in it because of which i am getting unacceptable output:

cout<<"Centroids points initially randomly generated \n";
for(int t=0;t<no_of_cluster;t++)
{ cout<<"value of t is:"<<t<<"\n";
cout<<"centroid no :"<<t<<"\n";
for(int y=0;y<feature;y++)
cout<<centroid[t][y]<<" ";
cout<<centroid[0][0]<<" "<<centroid[0][1]<<" "<<centroid[0][2]<<" "<<centroid[0][3]<<"\n"<<centroid[1][0]<<" "<<centroid[1][1]<<" "<<centroid[1][2]<<" "<<centroid[1][3]<<"\n";

The output is:

Centroids points initially randomly generated
value of t is:0
centroid no :0
0.8301 0.4083 0.2274 0.9326
value of t is:1
centroid no :1
0.5363 0.0537 0.0025 0.2363
0.5363 0.0537 0.0025 0.2363
0.5363 0.0537 0.0025 0.2363


where as in the second last line it should be 0.8301 0.4083 0.2274 0.9326 instead of 0.5363 0.0537 0.0025 0.2363

because the rand() returen a result of random ,so you should insert sleep() before rand()
i didnt get what you are tring to say, can you explain a little more
Sorry I give you wrong answer.Can you put on more Code?
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