good c++ library for (web) animations

ive been asked to make an animation which needs to be placed on a website. i plan to make this annimation using c++. so i wanted a suggestion for a good c++ library, which is free, and with which i could make an animation which could be uploaded onto a website. id prefer if the library was a popular one so that i could make use of it in the future as well.. so far i the amount of c++ i konw is that which is given in this sites tutorial, i.e
Define "animation". Do you want a GIF animation? One using HTML5/JavaScript? Flash? Silverlight? ...?
C++ programs are compiled in native code, they contain instruction in a format only the processors they have been compiled for can understand (and do system calls only the OS they have been compiled for understands). You can't use a compiled c++ program on a website, due to the variety of processors and OS that will want to access it (PC, windows, linux, smartphones,...).
Unless you find a C++ interpreter in javascript or something like that, but i doubt one is functional enough for advanced fucntions
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