permutation program

Hi readers, if someone could pass me in the right direction on how to accomplish this please don't reply a search engine lol......

What is needed is to have option to enter string of text and numbers.
then do a permutation on that string x amount of times
display the output!
I don't understand what you mean by permutation in this case. What exactly needs to be done?
if i were to ask a user for input (123456789)
then the program does a permutation on those numbers
outputting the answers
to clarify, if your user inputs say, "123", your program should output:
123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321

Is this what you mean?
yes i am a novice at C++ hence the reason im asking where to start
The problem is less C++ and more what algorithm to use.

Try this perhaps?

You might also find helpful:

Otherwise just google "permutation algorithm" and find one you like :)

Likely what you'll need is some kind of nested for loop that swaps the elements around in the string. Just remember to be aware of redundant permutations.
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thankyou i will ponder on this for now
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