What is Preproconia?

While going through some interview questions, found one question as below:

Q.Preproconia.. does not do which one of the following

(a) macro
(b) conditional complilation
(c) in type checking
(d) including load file

Ans. (c)

But not able find what does mean by Preproconia?
Can somebody help me in this regard?
Any link describing the same would be helpful as well.
> What is Preproconia?

Absolute gibberish. Which appeared because of an unfortunate typesetting error in one of the GATE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graduate_Aptitude_Test_in_Engineering papers many years ago.

And the idiots in Infosys, HCL and the like propagated it all around the place when they copied it verbatim into their own question papers.

Thnx Buddy!!!
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