Articles/tools for testing/debugging?

Are there any articles or books snippets which go into how to go about testing and debugging?

Also, what tools do you recommend for testing and debugging? I guess Valgrind is a popular one.
Debugging-Tools depends on IDE or OS you use.
If you are a Linux user you may use gdb or eclipse CDT, on Windows you may use MS VS, it is said to be the best for debugging.

Testing, there is Unite test library and methods for c++ as well, not just for Java :-), but it is better if you define your own test-cases and auto tests.
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I'm on linux.
Is Eclipse CDT a seperate tool from Eclipse?
Or do I just need some plugin if I already have Eclipse?

You can install CDT for eclipse by using
Help->Install New Software... by adding the repo for indigo or
for helios

So you can install the packages you need, if your current eclipse does not have it already.

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Thanks, the Help->Install New Software is inside eclipse right?

check if your eclipse already has one of

if yes select them and update/install

and if not, add them , then select and update/insatll
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