Taking a .txt file and editing another .txt file

I have to use structs and arrays for this to work. I have made a function to get data, another function to print the data into a struct and then another function to print all the information that is on the txt file. The first txt file is used to provide a name, their ID's, their hight, and their weight. I was able to get the calculations for the BMI. I am having trouble getting the other txt file to open, which provides their ID's and a change in their weight. I have been trying to figure out how to get the information from the second .txt and edit the first one with it. If you need more information or some code segments i would be happy to give you it.

This is the link to my rubric if you don't understand what i am trying to explain

EDIT: I completely understand people don't want to do homework for other people. I am not asking for you to do that. All I am asking is for a little guidance in the correct direction.
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It would be better if you posted the code here. There's not much value in an archived thread with broken links.
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