Please solve my problem [Linked List]

I have a question on linked list

1. Write a program to read a list of integer numbers. Your program should be able:
a. To add a new data into the list.
b. To delete the existing data.
c. To list all the data forward.
d. To splitting a linked list at a given node (into two sub lists).
e. To merge two lists into one list.

Sample output:
1. Add one number
2. Delete one number
3. List forward
4. Splitting list
5. Merge list

Your choice: 1
Number: 4

Your choice: 1
Number: 6

Your choice: 1
Number: 8

Your choice: 3
Number: 468

Your choice: 4
Split at: 2
First list: 46
Second list: 8

Why don't you do it?
im new to this world of C++, registered late to class, and nw i need to pass it to the lecturer :(
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Right... you've yet to ask a question so we don't know how to help.
are you just starting to work with linked lists? if you're comfortable with pointers, just try to look for youtube videos explaining how linked lists work. if you have no idea what pointers are, look up youtube videos for that.

if you already have code written and its not working or something, you can post it, ask a question, then people can try to help but they certainly will not do your work for you.
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