<fstream> changing mode of the object?

Hey I have a class that I have been working on and while it dose what I want it to do. I`am opening the file in binary mode and because of that I don't get the New Line characters. What is the correct way of changing the mode of a fstream object so I get the New Line characters in the output file?

if you want get the New Line characters in the output file, you cann't use the fgets() function, but you can use the
char ch;
ifstream fin;

method that you can get the New Line characters, and can print it.
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Not shure i understand ch beeing what value?
Fail to see how this will make a new line..
I may be stupid, but if you whould noob it down for me.
In the mean while i`le check out the refrence...
Edit: Checking out the refrence i can only see that it takes characters out.
Am i missing somthing?
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