Thread priorities and Debugging

I wrote a program to access 2 cameras, using 5 threads:
1 main Thread,
2 threads to transmit the images from the cameras through usb
2 threads to process the images and display them

I'm using visual studio 2010 and some boost::threads, and don't manage to debug my application correctly:
at first I applied a time_critical priority to the threads doing the usb communication, and a normal priority to the other threads
That's not working in debug mode since the 2 threads to process the image never get called, so that's a deadlock situation. But on the other hand it's working in release mode :/

I tried to set a normal priority for all the threads and got the same results, not working in debug mode but working fine in release mode.

It's important for me to make it work in debug mode, since the speed of the program is important, and I don't want it just to display the videos, but i need it to do it fast.

Thank you for any hints.
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