Hi All. I am from Georgia, Unfortunately I don't know English well. sorry for bad english. I have one question about c++ programming. how can I create interface for c++ program? I am speaking about design of program. every program open in console, and I want design. how can I do this? I am about 16 years old and I am beginner. Give Me Some useful advices :) Thank's all
Graphical interfaces require interacting with your operating system. This is most easily down using a widget toolkit.

Here is a list:
thank you : )) I'll try :)
I recommend doing one of the following:

-Learn Java and download the free IDE Netbeans.
-Learn C# and download the free IDE Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Both give you graphical user interface development tools that makes it very easy.
what does this mean? learn Java together c++? :))
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Java Programming is object oriented more than C++ and easy to learn and master. I will recommend a textbook that teaches visual C++ Using MS VS Studio. But still programming with C++ aren't easy.
I have one more question. Is C++ Best programming language?
==>I have one more question. Is C++ Best programming language?
i donot think so.
every language has it's field.and you can see that:http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/
So i think you can understand more.
thank you all for supporting :)
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