Possible memory mismanagement

I have been trying to trouble shoot this error now for a while and I am at a standstill right now. The code I've written seems to run start to finish but when the program is closing it crashes instead of exiting properly. I am thinking this is a problem with memory allocation but am slight unsure where to start looking for these bugs. I don't declare anything with new, I also am only using vectors which deallocate memory once the program closes. So I was wondering if anyone has advice for an error of this sort and any idea on where to start looking to fix it. I can provide code if need but its long and kinda messy at this point.
This article might help you, its a free library that automatically detects any memory leaks and lists them for you.

if you don't use new then you certainly access (write to) an element that's out of bounds.
What platform are you running on? There are some heap checking tools around like Valgrind; Microsoft C/C++ has heap debugging you can switch on. I think we're all agreed you've corrupted the heap in some way.
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