gcc 4.7 with C::B

I've been doing a little research online about the best way to get C::B running with gcc 4.7, but I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed at the moment. I think I've found a few good resources, but was hoping that someone here could either confirm these steps or offer an alternative.

Steps for installing a custom distro of MinGW (gcc 4.7.1 + Boost 1.49.0):

Installing gcc 4.7 on Windows 7:

The problem with the first link is that, besides gcc and boost, it looks like there's a lot of bloat in the download. A LOT
The issue with the second link is that it pertains to Windows 7 installation. IDK if the same steps would apply to WinXP 32bit (what I have)

If anyone has completed this task before or has an alternative suggestion, they would be greatly appreciated!!
The steps are simple, no matter what version of Windows you're on:
1. Run the MinGW installer or extract the archive, whichever applies.
2. Add the new compiler in Code::Blocks in Settings/Compiler.

it looks like there's a lot of bloat in the download. A LOT

What's that supposed to mean?
You're right. My problem was two-fold.
Firstly, I was overthinking the issue, and second, in my previous attempts to install the new version, I kept trying to set CB to look in the ...\MinGW\bin directory as if it were a PATH variable.

Sometimes I do stupid things

Anyway, problem solved!
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