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Hi there guys. I'm an algorithm C/C++ coder. I'm currently developing an application that's much wider than the algorithm zone. I require having a connection between the app and SQL or some sort of property lists (I got that from Objective-C. I'm an Objective-C developer).

As I worked before with servers, I've always known that SQL is extreme better in speed and efficiency. I've got 2 ways to get this working. The first way is to implement it through C++, and the second way to make an Objective-C library that C++ can implement. I've searched for it and I guess that C++ implementation for SQL is better.

I googled C++ ODBC. I've found really complicated and hard-to-read tutorials, but the best thing I found was here.

The point is, I still don't understand where do we specify the file directory and what are those lines

SimpleDB::IntColumn intCol;
SimpleDB::Column * columns[1] = {&intCol};
query.bind(columns, 1);

What is the bind function/method responsible for and why does it take columns, 1 as the arguments?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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the file directory

The DB Connection details are in the ODBC Connection String.
Sorry but what's that?
It's the string you pass to the ODBC driver that tells it how to connect to the database. I just found this which you might find useful.
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